Vegan Soy-Wax Food Wrap
Vegan Soy-Wax Food Wrap
Vegan Soy-Wax Food Wrap
Vegan Soy-Wax Food Wrap
Vegan Soy-Wax Food Wrap

Vegan Soy-Wax Food Wrap

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This eco friendly alternative to plastic wrap/ foil is both reusable and moldable. You can enjoy using this multiple times and when it loses its shape you simply compost it creating zero waste! You'll receive 3 different wraps each measuring 11x11 inches, with their own unique design.

The best part about these food wraps unlike the beeswax ones, is that they are vegan! Since these are made from soy wax flakes you don't have to worry about any environmental damage. 


. Eco - Friendly, no more single use plastic wrap 

. Handmade, made by The Sustainable Change 

. Compostable, once you're done with the wrap you can compost it 

. Vegan, unlike beeswax wrap this is made using soy wax beads 

. 100% Cotton, made from non synthetic material 


. Remember to wash with cold water and soap only! Hot water will make the wax melt

. These cannot be used in the microwave, oven or dishwasher 

How to use

. You simple wrap it around the food object you desire. This wrap will activate using  heat from your hands! You can even wrap it over a large bowl if you don't have a lid


. At the moment I only sell one size which is 11x11 inches, comes in a pack of 3 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Mary Locher
very awesome

shipped fast and looks just like pictures

Great quality

Really good quality wraps! I love how easy they are to use and wash. Not to mention all the prints are really vibrant :)

Sylvie Robinson
The perfect alternative

This soy paper feels so good and smells so good! I have bought beeswax paper in the past but I love the fact that these are vegan and they are so flexible. They aren't stiff and leave very little creases which I love.

Tyler Wilson
I bought these as a gift

I bought this food wrap as a gift for my girlfriend and she really loves them! We're both really impressed by the quality of these wraps, especially since they're handmade.