3Pc Natural Loofah
3Pc Natural Loofah
3Pc Natural Loofah

3Pc Natural Loofah

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The Natural Loofah comes in a set of three each of which are 4x2 inches large. The loofah is completely sustainable and eco-friendly making this product perfect for a zero waste lifestyle. This loofah is small, making it is easy to use and transport. For best results make sure to run warm water over it in order to soften the Loofah.  


. Eco-friendly, unlike synthetic loofahs that are full of micro plastics

. Compostable, when you're done using the loofah you can compost it

. Allows for deep exfoliation

. Good for blood circulation

. Easy to clean

Versatile, can be used in replacement of shower scrubs and dish sponges


. Remember to wash your loofah regularly with 1:9 bleach and water respectively. Let it soak in there and then allow it to air dry

. When done using your loofah you can cut it up into small pieces and compost it


. You get 3 loofahs in one pack, each of which measures 4x2 inches

Fun Loofah Facts

. A loofah is made from a dried up cucumber gourd 

The loofah is believed to have originated in Asia however, it is known that Egyptians used it as a sponge

. According to  the gourd was used as filters on ships before World War II

. You can plant your own gourd plant, the loofah needs about 100 to 180 days to mature and it grow


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Khushi Agrawal

3Pc Natural Loofah

Excellent quality!

True to brand, these came sustainably packaged and the quality is amazing! These little loofahs provide gentle exfoliation without abrasion, perfect for my super sensitive skin. Would definitely purchase again!

Aryan S.
Good for my dishes and the environment!

I've been using the natural loofah as a dishwashing sponge. Makes cleaning super easy since it holds water/soap well, and the texture really helps with scrubbing. Best part is after a month of regular usage, I simply cut the sponge up into smaller pieces and toss it into my compost. Zero waste, unlike regular sponges :)

Patricia Natalie

I am quite surprised I have never heard of a natural loofah before! I think everyone needs to definitely needs to make the switch. it was great to use in the shower, very exfoliating