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Cork Yoga Mat

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Did you know that your PVC yoga mat is the perfect place for bacteria to grow? Quickly becoming an unhygienic place for your practice. With a natural cork anti - bacterial yoga mat you don't have to worry about bacteria harvesting. The natural cork material makes this mat both eco-friendly and more durable helping it last longer! Whether wet or dry, the cork material allows for plenty of grip and increased traction. Here is why you will love a cork yoga mat:

  • Slip resistant, with a rubber lining underneath 

  • They are eco-friendly, unlike PVC yoga mats 

  • Made from renewable resources, no cork trees are harmed in the making 

  • Naturally anti - bacterial, allowing for a more hygienic practice 

  • Softer and kinder to your skin, no more sweaty hands and feet! 

  • The 5mm layer of cork allows for more traction when practicing hot yoga 


Are any trees harmed in the process?

If you're concerned about the cork damage then you'll be happy to hear that the use of cork actually allows cork forests to flourish. Cork being a renewable and regenerative resource needs to be stripped down in order to maintain a healthy growing lifestyle. Therefore,  by utilizing cork you are in fact aiding the growth of the cork trees instead of harming them. 

What is yoga? 

The word yoga means 'union.' It is a practice of both the body and mind that originated in ancient India 5,000 years ago. According to some yogis yoga is, "That which bring you to reality" and a life pathway in itself. Through the practice of yoga one is thought to learn the "Ultimate nature of existence" according to yogi Sadhguru. And the sound of the universe, in Hinduism known as 'OM,' is what will guide you there. The symbol of 'OM' is what lies in the middle of this cork yoga mat and is known to unify everything that exists in the universe. Ultimately leading you to complete union. 

Now you can practice mindfulness while being mindful of the planet.

Customer Reviews

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Ethical, sustainable, and intentional small business

Couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I was looking for a Christmas gift for someone who values sustainability, supporting small and local businesses here in CA, supporting women and POC, and yoga. I had been looking for weeks until I stumbled across The Sustainable Change that offers an eco-friendly cork yoga mat at an affordable price, while checking all the boxes that would make my recipient appreciate the gift even more. I contacted the owner and she happily shared her stories and inspiration behind the brand. I was very glad to know that this small business is extremely thoughtful and intentional about where they source their products, how they give back to the communities in India, and representing and respecting the roots of yoga (unlike some other yoga studios and brands that have completely westernized and colonized the meaning of the practice). The owner was very communicative and helpful throughout, and I was elated to receive the product in compostable packaging with a sweet personal note from the owner. It’s an understatement to say that my gift recipient loves her new yoga mat. “It feels so good on the skin - it has a luxurious, soft touch to it without being slippery. The thickness is perfect for my knees, and the guide lines are really helpful for a beginner.” We both agree that the absolute bonus of the purchase is the unexpectedly simple piece of string (almost like a shoe lace!) that serves as a compact yet comfortable carrier when you travel.


Cork Yoga Mat


This is my first cork mat I really like the feel of it. Feels more natural, very grippy and comfortable on my hands and feet. Also, it came quickly!


Exactly as I ordered. Fast delivery.


I was missing the sujection rope. I 've been trmbilsaod part of the matter. The mat is fine, but if you double it again in the first use it is made very ugly folds.