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3Pc Natural Loofah

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The Natural Loofah comes in a set of three each of which are 4x2 inches large. The loofah is completely sustainable and eco-friendly making this product perfect for a zero waste lifestyle. Such plant based items are not only sustainable but required in todays world where climate change is ever so apparent. 

The benefits of a natural loofah:

  • Eco-friendly, unlike synthetic loofahs that are full of micro plastics
  • Zero Waste, when you're done using the loofah you can compost it
  • Allows for deep exfoliation
  • Good for blood circulation
  • Easy to clean
  • Versatile, can be used in replacement of shower scrubs and dish sponges

This loofah is small, making it is easy to use and transport. For best results make sure to run warm water over it in order to soften the Loofah. This scrub will hopefully revolutionize the world of plastic and help us move closer to a Sustainable Change :)  

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