Zero Waste Shampoo For The Earth And You

Did you know that each year 552 million plastic shampoo bottles are thrown into landfills? That's equivalent to 1,125 football fields! But there's a simple solution to this large problem and that's switching to a zero waste shampoo.  

The best thing to do would be to use no bottle at all, switch to a bar shampoo if you can so that once you're done using the soap there is no packaging left behind. There are brands like Beauty and Planet that make they're bottles out of recycled material as well. 

1. LUSH - There is a lot of back and forth about LUSH, how ethical they really are and if their products are as natural as they claim to be. So far though I've really loved LUSH products, especially their shampoo bars! You should try their Lavender shampoo bar and Argan Oil Conditioner bar!

2. Ethique - A name I have been hearing about a lot lately is Ethique, I haven't come to actually trying anything from them yet but I do know they have a great reputation when it comes to zero waste bathroom products, more specifically their shampoo bars. 

3. Eco Roots - For all you curly hair folk out there, you will love the Moroccan Oil shampoo bar! I've heard plenty of people complain about how there aren't enough shampoo bars for curly hair, which I agree with. But I think this one is worth a shot. Not only are they cruelty free and vegan but they also come in eco-friendly packaging. 

4. Beauty & Planet - This brand is a win win, if you don't like the idea of using a bar on your hair but want to help the environment then this is the brand for you! Their bottles are all made from recycled plastic, and a portion of their profits go towards ocean conservation. 

 5. Battle Green - These vegan, cruelty free shampoo bars are not only palm oil free but they even come in tin boxes that you can reuse once you're done with the bar. 

6. Dr. Bronners - Probably one of the most well known names in the country this shampoo bar comes in complete zero waste packaging. Not only are they a vegan company but all the oils they use in their products are 100% organic!

7. Chagrin Valley - Vegan and cruelty free these shampoo bars suit a variety of hair types! Which is pretty uncommon to see. Plus, they don't dry out your hair and allow for a deep cleaning when shampooing. Lastly, all packaging is recyclable and biodegradable! 

8. Sea & Clean - This is a small business based in Florida, I've included this business because not only is it cruelty free but they have a large variety of shampoo bars to choose from! Plus they're a small business :) 

9. Humankind -  They're simple soap design is pleasing to the eye and their that one company that offers refills! I like this brand simply due to their refill system, its smart and efficient and prevents the usage of multiple bottles. 

10. The Earthling Co - Last but not least, The Earthling Co which is a lifestyle brand focuses primality on a more eco-friendly lifestyle! A portion of their proceeds are donated to multiple global environmental organizations as well! 



Let's say that you've tried all of these, that none of them are working for your hair. Well all hope is not lost, you can attempt your hand at making your own shampoo! Here's how:


  • 2 soap nuts
  • 1 cup of warm water
  • 1 glass jar
  • Essential oils (optional)


      a. Take 2 dried soap nuts and place it in 1 cup of warm water.

      b. Let is soak for 30 minutes, or until soft enough to crush and blend 

      c. Mix 1tbs of soap nut liquid with essential oil of your choosing

      d. Depending on the thickness of your hair you can add coconut oil

Now of course there are plenty of shampoo bars that you can use! The one's I've listed are the big brands but if you look around there are plenty of small businesses like mylittlegreenshop that sell shampoo bars as well :) Together we can really limit the amount of plastic bottles that land up in the trash each year and create a greener future! 


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