Why It's Time You Swapped Out Your PVC Yoga Mat

What if I told you the the very practice of using cork actually helps the growth and maintenance of cork trees? I know it sounds a little too good to be true, but the truth is that cork trees are made of a regenerative resource and therefore they need to be utilized in order to flourish. PVC yoga mats are the perfect harboring point for bacteria, which is mostly the reason why after completing a sweaty yoga workout your hands and feet tend to smell. But cork which is a naturally occurring anti-bacterial resource prevents that from happening. Here are some other reasons why you might love a cork yoga mat as opposed to your PVC one: 

1. Eco Friendly - Practicing yoga is all about being mindful and that means both spiritually as well as physically. As a result, it would only make sense to practice on something that contributes to a mindful lifestyle. Cork is a natural and raw material, the cork trees regenerate their stripped bark so no trees are harmed in the process of making these mats. And as mentioned above, the constant use of cork in-fact aids the growth of the trees instead of restricting it. In addition, when you are done with your cork yoga mat you can recycle it! Unlike a PVC mat. Your PVC yoga mat contains chemicals like phthalates that allows the yoga mat to be flexible but also restricts it from being recycled. With a cork yoga mat you can practice your mindfulness while being mindful of the environment. 



2. Anti Bacterial - Believe it or not but cork is actually naturally anti bacterial. As a result, the cork yoga mat is much more hygienic than your PVC one and it avoids a bad sweat smell. Cork consists of an all-natural substance called Suberin, which repels small particles and resists toxin absorption. Cork is also known to repel water, which means no mold or mildew will harvest on your yoga mat! 

3. Slip Resistant - Do you know the feeling of slipping and sliding on your yoga mat? Well, you can say goodbye to that! The cork material allows for more traction and is especially loved by those who practice hot yoga. The combination of the natural wax, Suberin, in the cork creates an extra firm grip which improves with heat and moisture. As the sweat activates the grip you can avoid slipping on your mat and enjoy the open cell structure that creates more traction. 

4. Durable and Resilient - Since the cork used in this mat is stripped off a tree, it naturally lasts for much longer as compared to a PVC mat. In addition, cork has a strong, closed-cell molecular structure. This allows for the mat to stay in tact for longer. Regular yoga mats can go about 8 months before you start seeing wear and tear on them however, cork mats can last 2-3 years! 

5. Kind to your skin - The natural cork prevents rashes, breakouts or smelly hands and feet. Due to its natural anti bacterial properties you don't have to be worried about wiping your mat after every use or sanitizing it. Now you can truly practice your yoga worry free!


Again, cork tree forests actually strive when used! Thats right, the cork needs to be utilized and regenerated in order to flourish. As a result, the production of these mats and the process of stripping the trees of their cork is in fact aiding the growth of the forest not hindering it. So think of it as a gesture of kindness towards the trees. These yoga mats are simply kinder to you and the environment, with no trees harmed in the process. Getting rid of your cork yoga mat is easier too since it is made of natural products and can be recycled.

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