What To Do Post Holiday Season


Now that the holiday season is over you're probably wondering what to do with all your lights, decorations and most importantly your Christmas tree! Well the good news is there are tons of options: 


1. Save them for next year! - This way you don't have to keep buying decorations each year 

2. Donate them to Goodwill or Salvation Army - This way you aren't filling the landfills and you're allowing the decorations to be re-utilized. 

3. Save the wrapping paper, bows and ribbon - You can always use this for wrapping another gift in the future 

Christmas Tree:

1. Donate to a tree farm - May it be a waste management firm, boy scouts or even your local community garden there are plenty of places that will happily take your Christmas tree off your hands! 

2. Send to an organization - Recology will pick up your tree for you! All you have to do is remove all lights and place your tree near your green bin, make sure to cut it in half if it is more than 6ft tall. 

3. Use the pine needles as compost mulch

4. Or make pine infused vinegar and use it as a multi-purpose cleaner

5. If you have fireplace you can even use the trunk as firewood 

Tree/house lights:

1. Recycle the lights - Believe it or not but even then Christmas tree lights can be recycled! You can give them to places like MOM's Organic, Goodwill or Local Municipal Waste Service


So before you throw your tree away or dump all those lights and decorations think twice about the alternatives! It's almost too easy to recycle your Christmas tree or repurpose old wrapping paper that none of us should really have an excuse not to do so. One persons trash is another ones treasure! So lets be kind to the environment and dispose of your Christmas waste ethically :) 



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