What Green Stocks To Invest In

It becomes challenging to balance the environment with economics, we feel the need to choose one or the other. However, what if there were places where you could invest your money but remain green at the same time? I've derived a short list of the top 5 places that will help you "Put your money where your mouth is"

1. Brookfield Renewable Partners L.P - This company is a business that focuses on generating energy but on clean and renewable resources. Majority of Brookfields energy comes from hydroelectric dams, the oldest and most reliable source of clean energy to date. 

2. Darling Ingredients - A Texas based company that collects both food waste and animal by-products. Darling then transforms the waste into ingredients that can be used in food, animal feed and fuel industries, among others.

3. TPI Composites - This wind power company makes propellers for the wind industry. Though a shaky background, it is predicted to be a growing and strengthening stock to invest in for the future. 

4. SunPower Cooperation - This solar power company makes solar modules as well as storage solutions for both homes and businesses. Though its still trying to find its foundation in the investing world it is a base company for Brookfield, which means it's only growing from here. 

5. Vestas Wind System -  Swedish based firm pushes beyond the limits with  efficient turbine technology. This is the largest and purest play in the wind power industry. 

 6. Xylem - A water based company, Xylem provides both equipment and services that assist in the the full water cycle. Everything including collection to distribution to even use. Xylem is even responsible for the return of clean water to the environment.

7. NextEra Energy - This Florida based company successfully mixes in the old utilities with the new ones. This is renewable power focused utility for many green investors to put their money in.

8. Waste Management - Another Texas based firm, Waste Management is the largest trash collector (and disposer) in North America.

9. Weyerhaeuser Company - This is probably the most controversial one, why would you invest in a company that makes their money through cutting down trees? But this is really as green as it gets. Timber is a renewable resource and the company is incentivized to take good care of their trees in order to make the most out of them . Not to mention, they have to replace everything they cut down. 

10. Nutrien - Canadian based firm, Nutrien is he worlds largest fertilizing company. 

This list is derived off of a rough research, though trustworthy it is always important to do some digging of your own. Hopefully this will incentive you to not only invest, but invest in green stocks! 


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