Start Reusing Those Tea Leaves


If you are anything like me then you probably drink tea by the gallon! But all that tea means an awful amount of tea leaves that tend to go straight in the trash. So what if I told you there were numerous ways that you could reuse those tea leaves? After you're doing drinking your tea, strain the tea leaves and place them in a glass jar. You want to make sure your leaves have been strained of any excess moisture and leave them in she sun to air dry. Then you can try one of these ideas out:

1. Hydrate your skin - Take the dried up tea leaves and use it straight on your face like a facial scrubber. The antioxidants in the tea leaves will leave your skin hydrated and glowing! The caffeine in your tea helps reduce puffiness, specifically for those under eye bags. Its best to use freshly used tea leaves for this one, take a spoon-full and simply let it rest underneath your eyes for about 5 -10 minutes. 

2. Calm irritations - The tannic acid in your tea will help sooth sunburns, bug bites and other skin irritations like rashes. For this tip, take the leaves and re-boil them in water. Once the water has cooled down you can dip a towel into it and place it on the desired area. 

3. Re-shine wood surfaces - Take enough tea leaves to equate to five to six tea bags and reboil them. Once the water has come to a boil turn off the heat and allow it to steep for about 10 minutes. Add this concoction to a mop bucket, a spray bottle or dip your rag straight into the bowl and wipe away. The tannis in the tea will help bring the shine back in hardwood floors!






4. Get rid of odors - Tea leaves can absorb odors, which makes them great room fresheners! Take a handful of used tea leaves and place them in a jar, then add a few drops of your favorite essential oil and then stash it in your fridge, closet or kitchen cupboards. You can even rub the tea leaves on kitchen utensils to get rid of the onion or garlic smell. 

5. Hair tricks - Your hair will specifically appreciate black tea leaves for this one. You can either used the black tea as a hair spray to cleanse your scalp or use it as hair color. You can use the same tea leaves into your henna if you're thinking of coloring your hair black for a more intense color. 

6. Composting - Skip the storing and air drying part for this one, you can simply take those leaves and stick them straight into your compost. 

So next time you're drinking that big cup of tea remember to take those tea leaves and store them somewhere for safe keeping. Who knew tea had so many great benefits! 





  • The Sustainable Change

    Hi Stephanie! :) I am so happy that you found this helpful!

  • Stephanie Snyder

    THank you for these tips! I just made sun tea and this is awesome to learn!! Perfect timing

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