How to Throw an Eco Party!

With the holiday season fast approaching we're sure you're getting ready to hold family dinners and small get togethers. Or even if it's not for the holidays, and you have a birthday coming up! Or a baby shower to throw, why not do it in a more eco - friendly manner? Here are some ways you can throw a more eco friendly party:

1. Say no to plastic - It's time to say goodbye to plastic plates. There are plenty of brands like World Centric or Verterra that sell plates and cutlery made out of bamboo, palm leaves and cornstarch! There are so many alternatives out there that there really is no reason we should still be using plates made of styrofoam. Regardless of what you've been told, none of your party plastics can actually be recycled.


2. Make your own decor - Say no to balloons, but don't worry you can still have a pretty party without them! Find new innovative ideas and create your own decorations! Skip the plastic confetti and make eco -friendly kind out of old leaves. You can take a hole puncher and create small little confetti circles from leaves you collect. Get creative, grab a friend or a family member and find new ways to make your party fun but sustainable! 

3. Thrift decor - Last year I found all my Halloween decorations from thrift stores such as Goodwill and Salvation Army. Not only were these decorations cheaper but they were also reused! Check out your nearest thrift store during the holiday season to see what you can find for a eco party. 

4. Meatless meals - This one must sound difficult, but it doesn't have to be! With so many meat alternatives available you can make your parties meatless but still satisfy your guests. There is no reason as to why no meat needs to mean no fun. Teach your guests that there are other ways of serving tasty snacks and avoiding meat :)


5. Green party favors - Lastly, it's time we quit giving back goodie bags full of plastic. We all know majority of the items end up in the trash or just lie around at home. Instead, why not gift your guests green gifts like succulents, seeds to plants or homemade goodies! 


Let us work together to revolutionize the parties we throw, turn those plastic parties into green ones! Plan ahead of time so that you aren't scrambling for last minute plastic items and instead present the eco - friendly way to your guests! Do you have any other eco party ideas? 


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