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Second Hand Shopping For Everybody

If you’re anything like me then you love shopping… but you also love the environment! So I compiled a list of some of the top sustainable clothing brands for both men and women that you can shop from without feeling guilty. 

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DIY Produce Bag

Mesh produce  grocery bags are definitely a popular zero waste item, and I can see why! These are a great single plastic use alternative and are perfect for buying fruits and veggies. What's even better is that you can make these yourself, and you only need  TWO THINGS to make it!

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Whats the deal with shampoo bars?

If you are trying to live a more zero waste/ sustainable life then you have probably either switched or thought about switching over to shampoo bars. As someone who has been using shampoo bars for almost 2 years now I can definitely say that I have had no problem with the switch! I mostly use bars from LUSH, but thats just a personal preference.  However, with that said I am not such a fan of conditioner bars. I have tried about 4 different kinds of bars and I still see my reaching over for conditioner bottles. I don't know what it is about conditioner bars but they just don't later on for me. I have tried everything from rubbing is straight...

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